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New Home Construction

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New Home Construction

The same materials used for Durable GreenBeds are also used as building materials for innovative builders who want simpler, greener, healthier, better buildings that will last for generations. With a 25-year track record, Faswall insulated wood chip-cement wall forms are for experts and do-it-yourself builders alike. The organic building materials are simpler, more sustainable, longer-lasting, more affordable, safer, and healthier than traditional materials. Faswall can be used to build beautiful homes of any style, shape, or size with a multitude of stellar features and benefits. The blocks are easy to install, strong and resistant, lightweight, easy to manipulate (cuts just like wood!), requires less concrete, and can be built over time. Read more here about the great features of Faswall blocks for builders.

  • Its unrivaled thermal properties make it highly energy efficient, which drastically reduces your heating and cooling costs.
  • It is incredibly simple to build with.
  • It is made completely with organic and recycled materials — you do good for our planet while building well.
  • It does not degrade and is not susceptible to rot or insects. It is amazingly and can withstand anything that nature can dish out — from earthquakes to hurricanes. Your Faswall-built legacy home will stand forever.
  • It inhibits mold growth, does not produce fume out-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOC), and is sound proof for an exceptionally healthy and comfortable living environment.
  • It cannot burn or melt, and there is no release of toxic smoke from Faswall® walls during a fire. You can sleep better at night knowing your family is more protected from fire danger.


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