Are you a backyard gardener?

Durable GreenBed- a wise purchase for the serious, long term gardener.

The Longest lasting Garden Bed Frame

For You, the serious gardener, or the smart Beginner.

Tired of replacing your Garden Bed Frame every 5 years as they rot out?  Worried about the toxicity of treated lumber and plastics?  Non-toxic Durable Greenbeds are the solution.

You are a gardener who is in it for the long pull. Gardening is an important part of your life and it feeds you in body, mind, and spirit. You know about the benefits of raised bed gardening but have been stuck on ‘what do I build the beds out of ?’. We have the answer to that with Durable GreenBed raised bed garden kits.  With 1 foot and 2 foot tall models, 4x4, 4x8 and 4x12 sized raised bed kits, as well as custom options, these beds make your raised bed garden easy to manage, and beautiful.


You'll Really Love Durable GreenBeds

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Get Durable Green Beds as landscape garden bed, vegetable garden beds, or community garden beds!

What?  The best raised bed kit on the market.

Durable GreenBed raised garden bed kits are the most beautiful and unique raised beds on the market today.  This is a well thought-out and engineered heavy duty product designed to stand the test of time.

The wall panels are made from a processed wood-chip and cement composite called Faswall, a breathable material that is capable of withstanding extreme weather changes and conditions and still look great.  Tested in all climates.  The walls are air permeable, but repel slugs.  With good soil air circulation, yields tend to be quite high for intensive gardening, such as square foot gardening. 

They are green, made from 100% nontoxic and highly recycled materials and will out perform any wood, plastic, or metal raised garden bed — lasting 25 years+.  Made in the USA


Raised Garden Bed FrameWhy Durable GreenBed?

The top 9 reasons this is the best value and best performing raised bed on the market today.

  1. This is the last raised bed(s) you will need to install. Most beds do not last!   Or, they may last, but after a few years look very tired.  Durable GreenBed will go 25+ years and look good in the process!  Our raised beds will not rot, crack, peel, rust or splinter.  Our wood chip-concrete composite material passed the ASTM C-666 300 cycle freeze-thaw test without cracking and breaking down. Truly a unique ideal garden bed material.  More on how a Durable GreenBed compares to a traditional wood frame bed.
  1. NON TOXIC. Gardeners have been concerned about chemical leaching into the soil from some raised bed materials opening the possibility of the plants taking up the chemicals into the plant tissue.  You will have no worries with the Durable GreenBed components.   The panels are mineralized wood with Portland cement, the brackets are aluminum with a baked on cured paint,  the cedar trim is finished with a bio based penetrating stain that uses a citrus oil as the pigment carrier.  Harvest your plants without concern of contamination.
  1. BREATHABLE.  Our side walls are breathable which allows for good drainage if you overwater or have abundant rain, but they don’t wick water.   Water readily wicks through wood which can increase the loss of soil moisture in wood raised beds.  Durable GreenBed panels no not wick water which helps in maintaining proper soil moisture resulting in less irrigation. The porous GreenBed walls also bring needed needed oxygen to the root zone.   Oxygen to the root zone results in air pruning of the root tips, stimulating fine hair root development.  It is the fine root hairs that bring nutrients from the soil into the plant.   Gardeners using Durable GreenBed have reported better vitality in the plants when compared to other beds.   This oxygen exchange to the root zone may be the reason for extra vigor.
  1. Our raised beds can go anywhere in your outdoor space — on your patio, over your grass, even on wood porches with proper protection.  The handsome design goes with most house designs from traditional to modern and they are attractive enough for your front yard.  It has been called the most attractive raised bed kit on the market.
  1. COMFORTABLE TOP TRIM WIDTH. Wider top trim makes a more comfortable seat at a full 3 ½” wide.  Especially ideal on our 2’ high beds allowing you to sit and get back up easily.
  1. REPELS SLUGS. Slugs are repelled by the rougher texture of the Durable GreenBed panels keeping these voracious feeders out of your flowers and food crops.
  1. Quick and Easy ASSEMBLY. Whoever is going to install your Durable  GreenBed will appreciate the simple steps it takes to have your bed ready to fill and plant.  Most models set-up in under 1 hour provided site is prepared. Each kit comes ready to assemble.  No cutting required.  Even the trim is predrilled for the mounting screws.  Full color step by step instruction sheet is included for easy assembly. All that you need is a level place to put the Durable GreenBed, a hammer, tape measure, a cordless drill with a ¼” nut driver and Phillips head, and a socket wrench with a ¼” socket.
  1. FREE Shipping on orders of 2 kits or more. Get an additional 10% off of orders of three kits, 12% for four kits, and 15% off for five or more.
  1. MADE IN THE USA. Preserving good manufacturing jobs in America.

When?  How about right now?

Ordering online couldn’t be simpler. Simply visit our main products page to peruse the various sizes and shapes available. You can “Add to Cart” or read more details about each garden bed kit. Discounts on multiple beds will be calculated at checkout. Please visit our Shipping and Discounts page to learn about our volume discounts and additional gifts we provide when you order 3 or more kits.

Need a special size or a custom design raised bed?  Learn more.

Where?  We ship direct to your home!

You don’t need a truck to pick up materials or need to pay for costly delivery. When you order two or more kits the Shipping is FREE! (Ordering a single bed incurs a $89 shipping fee.) Your Durable Green Garden Bed kits will be shipped directly to your home, and set-up couldn’t be easier. All panels and trim are pre-drilled and can easily be assembled with a few simple tools you probably already own. Most owners report they have assembled their kits in an hour or less! So what are you waiting for? Start enjoying the joys and benefits of raised bed gardening without the hassle. And know that you will have years of enjoyment without having to replace your beds.

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A child with Durable GreenBed
  • Durable GreenBed kits can be set-up anywhere and give you complete control over soil and drainage. Perfect solution for poor soil conditions that otherwise would not be conducive for gardening. In many regions, gardeners with our raised bed kits are able to plant earlier in the season because the soil is warmer and better drained.
  • The height of the Durable GreenBeds (minimum of 13” high) means better pest and weed control – weeds do not encroach and snails, slugs, rabbits and cats are more effectively kept out, especially with our 2’ tall Durable GreenBed raised bed kits.
  • Excellent for the popular square foot gardening method. Durable GreenBed raised garden beds are at least TWICE AS PRODUCTIVE as conventional row crops in the ground.
  • Multiple sizes and heights provide easy access with less effort digging, seeding, weeding, and harvesting. - providing a more comfortable and safer gardening experience for everyone. No more bending, hunching, kneeling, or squatting.
  • Durable GreenBed raised bed kits offer endless design options and can be joined together in custom layouts. 2’ beds can be joined to 1’ beds create interesting multiple elevation gardens. Give us a call or email us if you need a custom
  • YEAR-ROUND GARDENING. In many climates, you can also continue harvesting all winter long by simply adding a cold frame to your Durable GreenBeds.

DIY Wooden Garden Beds vs. Durable Green Garden Beds