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Finally, a Raised Bed Garden Kit with all of the features your customer wants. And priced for your success.

Raised garden bed kits for edible landscaping projects.

Landscape Professionals have been at a loss for what to offer their clients for raised garden beds.    The go-to material has been wood which can be very attractive but it just doesn’t last.   Pressure treated wood is suspect for chemical leaching into the soil.  To combat that some are lining the beds making them impervious.  Now you run the risk of harboring harmful mildews.

Constructing custom wood raised beds for your clients is an expensive proposition taking considerable time for your crew.   Durable GreenBed allows you to charge reasonably, enjoy a higher margin, and give your client a product that will last, is non-toxic, and is beautiful.

  • Between 45 and 90 minutes to assemble the most popular kits.
  • Great aesthetics
  • Custom layouts including:
    • One or two feet high
    • L-shaped or U-shaped design
    • Tiered options
  • Non-toxic.  For edible landscapes, this is is an important selling point.

You have two options for utilizing Durable GreenBed raised garden bed kits in your designs:

Purchase complete Durable GreenBed kits ready to install

4x4, 4x8, 4x12, 4x16, and now 8x8 L Shaped complete GreenBed kits with prefinished cedar  top rails.  Both 1’ high, 2’ high, and tiered beds (with both 1’ and 2’ high planting areas) are available.     Includes GreenBed Panels, brackets, stakes, fasteners, prefinished, predrilled cedar rail trim kit.  We will also work with you on custom sizes.  Please call to discuss.

Purchase just the GreenBed panels and brackets

Purchase just the GreenBed panels and brackets. Panels are either 12” high or 24”. Our aluminum corner and joiner brackets allow you complete design freedom for your creative layouts.

Panels cut easily with a circular saw or table saw. You can outfit the top of the finished beds with your own trim system. We use top grade, tight knot western red cedar finished with a bio based (citrus oil) stain.

You will not  find a more attractive, more durable raised bed garden kit than Durable GreenBed™! It is an American made, high quality design, engineered to last 25 years or more:  GreenBed woodchip-cement panels, extruded aluminum brackets with a baked on architectural grade paint, 1000 hour salt spray tested fasteners, beautiful cedar rail trim kit with a bio based non toxic penetrating oil finish.  All holes are pilot drilled for accurate, fool-proof assembly.

Contact us to receive the Landscaper packet with pricing.


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