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Customize a Raised garden Bed to fit your space!

Upgrade to a durable, non-toxic, composite garden bed kit with Special Sizes and Customs Designs!

You can create your custom Durable GreenBed that fits your needs perfectly!

Everything you need to know about designing your custom raised garden bed
  • If you would like to make one of our standard sizes (featured on our site) narrower or shorter, we are happy to do that for you.

  • If you want a 2 foot wide bed in a standard length then we charge $40 in addition to the standard kit price. For example if you want to take a 4x8x2 and make it a 2x8x2.

  • If you would like to design your own custom shaped bed, write a clear description of what you are looking for, include a drawing if you can, and send it to us. We will give you a quote.

  • We provide our beds in 2 heights only – 1’ or 2’. No custom heights.

  • We can only provide you with right angle corners.

  • Please note: custom beds are not included in our discounts, due to the extra labor it requires of our shop. We will still send you a Pro Lite Fork if your order qualifies! 

Get Started with a Custom Bed

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