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Senior Center Gardens

Raised Bed Garden Kits for Senior Centers, and Senior Living Communities at discount pricing.

Gardening options at CCRCs are one of the top considerations when selecting a retirement community.

CCRCs and Senior Centers are installing community gardens for their residents and clientele across America and Canada.

Add a Durable GreenBed Garden and Attract more Residents

Durable GreenBed Raised garden bed kits in a community garden

Durable GreenBed raised garden bed kits are an exceptional investment for serious gardens. Organic, durable, beautiful, and simple to assemble. Tuck all your plants into a healthy raised bed for a lifetime of beautiful results.

Why Durable GreenBed for Senior Centers?

Commercial Quality 25” high Durable GreenBeds are ideal for seniors, providing a convenient height to comfortably garden from a seated position. Made in the USA, our well engineered, non-toxic, durable, aractive, raised garden beds will enhance the landscape at your facility and create a joyful gathering place for your residents.

Durable GreenBed kits are available for independent living residents that may have a patio or small yard, as well as for the development of a community gardens on seniorfacilities that becomes a social focal point.

The BEST RAISED GARDEN BED KIT For Senior Center Gardens!

Our senior center garden bed kits are the best because :

  • GreenBed wall panels will last 20-25+ years due to their unique, processed wood-chip, cement composite construction.
Attractive Forever
  • Unlike wood or plastic beds, our Durable GreenBeds won’t need replacement or upkeep
The Right Hieght
  • Our 2 foot high designs are just right for gardening while sitting—even for residents in a wheel chair.
Beautiful Custom Design
  • Our raised beds will fit anywhere in your outdoor space, on a tile or concrete patio, on grass, or similar areas.
Easy installation
  • Kits come ready to assemble -pre-drilled, pre-finished. Typical senior kits takes lessthan 1.5 hours

Non-Toxic  – All organic materials and natural mineralization make them safe for vegetables.

High Yield – Permeable, so air flows to and from the soil, leading to great yields.

Slugs hate them.

Made in the USA

Here at Durable GreenBeds, we could not be more pleased that the use of our sustainable raised garden beds is bearing fruit and veggies for so many worthy organizations, while providing a sense of community and connection to the environment.