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Free Sample of our Elevated Garden Bed Material

Try it for free! Order a sample and pay only shipping and handling.

Get a Free* Sample Durable GreenBed™ Sample Kit

We want you to feel confident when you select your Durable GreenBed kits. That’s why we are pleased to offer a large sample to let you see, touch and experience it – before you purchase. 
*only pay for shipping

The long lasting composite material

We are pleased to offer a large sample of our unique, beautiful and durable, woodchip-concrete composite wall material and top railing. Because of the nature of this remarkable composite material, the Durable GreenBed outlasts any wooden, plastic, or metal raised garden bed – lasting 20-25 years or more!

Order Free Sample Today!

Try it for free and pay only $8.95 Shipping and Handling.