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Durable GreenBed Garden Planner

Start planning your dream garden with our Free Garden Planner and Upgrade to Durable GreenBeds raised garden bed kits.

The Garden Planner & Design Tool

Introducing the Durable GreenBed Garden Planner, a garden design and layout tool that provides a simple solution for designing your dream garden with ease!

The downloadable file has the ability for you to drag and drop beds, making it effortless to create a garden layout that is perfectly suited to your needs.

With the Microsoft Word version of the document, you can simply use the arrow keys to move the beds around the garden, ensuring that each bed ‘snaps’ to the grid.

Rotate Garden Angle

Not only can you move the beds around, but you can also rotate them to get the perfect angle for your garden.

For the Word Doc. each square on the grid is 1’x1’, and the beds are designed to scale, so you can rest assured that your garden will look just as you imagined it.

For the Google Doc version, you will need to pay close attention to the measurements on the side of the designated design area to make sure the sizing is correct.

Best Principles for Creating Attractive Garden Layouts

Our tool is designed based on the best principles for creating attractive garden layouts.

If you’re working on a multiple-bed project, we recommend not using all the same size beds.

Adding 1’ and 2’ tall beds to your layout will add interest, and 2’ aisles between the beds are the recommended minimum.

Reduce Width to your needs

If you need a 2’ or 3’ wide bed, don’t worry – you can simply reduce the width of the bed to fit your needs.

The Durable GreenBed Garden Layout Tool is perfect for both professional landscapers and gardening enthusiasts.

So why wait? Get started on designing your dream garden today!

Download Your garden Planner and Design Tool Today!


Save Money with a Personalized Discount!

Custom discounts are available on qualifying orders of $4,000 or more. Save money by ordering multiple Durable GreenBed raised garden bed kits. Elevate your garden with a personalized discount crafted just for you.