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Offer your customers the best raised garden bed on the market.

GreenBed is a lifetime raised garden bed.

Edible landscaping is here to stay and GreenBed makes an attractive vegetable garden, especially for your suburban or urban gardening customers. It’s the most attractive, durable raised garden bet kit available today.  Your customers will be able to assemble many of our beds in less than an hour.

Watch successful dealers talk about the benefits selling Durable GreenBed kits for their stores. 

Your store can make 8K per season with Durable GreenBed.

Capture more of your customers gardening dollars when you stock eco-friendly, non-toxic, beautiful Durable GreenBeds.  Made in the USA.

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Approved stores get a free Durable Greenbed raised garden bed display for their store.
Set Up a Durable Greenbed raised garden kit (and plant it!) as your display along with our eye catching sign.

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Learn the key selling points of Durable GreenBed raised garden beds.
Train your staff on the 6 features of Durable GreenBed.


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Durable GreenBed customers will spend more money in your store year after year.
See $6 to $10K per season, including increased related product sales of bagged soil, fertilizer and plants.


Durable Green Beds

  •  landscape garden bed
  • chefs gardens
  • vegetable garden beds, or
  • community garden beds




  • 25-30 YEAR BED.  “The last raised bed you need to install”
  • NON-TOXIC Nothing in GreenBed including the stain on the wood is toxic.
  • HIGH RECYCLED CONTENT The panels have a 60%+ recycled content and the aluminum brackets have a 25%+ recycled content.
  • MADE IN THE USA preserving good manufacturing jobs in America
  • ATTRACTIVE   Can be put in the front yard as well as the backyard
  • QUICK SET-UP 45 minutes-1.5 hours provided site is prepared