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Eco Friendly Raised Garden Beds

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Eco-Friendly Gardens

Gardeners like to brag that we were green before green was popular. Creating and starting a garden is one of the best things you can do for your health. But we need to think about the environmental impact of the products we use: lumber (or worse treated lumber) for raised beds, garden sheds, fences and trellises. Sythetic fertilizers or pesticides.  It all adds up and makes your garden less green than it ought to be. A garden that is eco-friendly can be improved by using products that are sustainably manufactured or given new life through recycling.  

Durable GreenBed raised bed garden kits are designed using a unique, eco-friendly, recycled woodchip/concrete composite that will last for 25-years or more

Here are 10 Ideas to Green up your Garden and make it more eco-friendly:

  1. Plant a tree. Trees are the climates best friend, they can shade garden areas from the heat of the sun, and provide homes.
  2. Start a compost pile. Composting takes bio-degradable kitchen scraps and converts them to nutrient-rich food for your soil. Your plants will love it. You’ll be surprised how much less goes to garbage. 
  3. Water smartly. Give your garden a drink during the coolest part of the day, so more water has a chance to seep into the ground before it evaporates. You’ll save water over the long haul. This article offers more tips for efficient and environmentally-conscious watering.
  4. Use a rain barrel. Conserving rainwater is a great way to make less impact on the earth while growing a greener garden. A rain barrel is also a relatively easy DIY project. Check out this tutorial.
  5. Reduce the grass in your lawn. Plant easy-care ground cover plants, wildflowers, stone, pavers and/or other materials. Less work, less watering needed, and less mowing. Moss as ground cover and meadowing are two ideas to consider.
  6. Try organic seeds. Planting organic seeds is a simple way to start your garden on eco-friendly footing. 
  7. Switch to a push mower. Switching to a non-gas-powered reel mower  saves money, but also means lots less toxic gasses going into the air. (Lawn mower engines are the worst polluters) And, think of the exercise! Even if you only use the push mower every other time you mow, you’ll be making a positive impact on the environment and the air quality in your neighborhood.
  8. Use  fewer chemical-based products. If you’re used to using chemical-based fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, challenge yourself to replace those methods with a more natural strategy. Make your own natural weed killer for less. 
  9. Go organic. Get your feet wet by trying organic gardening methods in your raised garden bed, and then expand to the rest of your garden.  You’ll eat healthier.
Reflect your style, and inspire your outdoor landscape with Eco-Friendly Raised Garden Beds. 


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