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Old CloverDale Community Garden Beds in Subaru Magazine

Old Cloverdale Community Garden
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We got this lovely note from Lois at Old CloverDale Community Garden: They’re in the process of expanding and buying a second set of raised garden beds for their community garden. A photo of their garden with Durable GreenBed Raised beds made it into the Subaru magazine.


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Also, the Old Cloverdale Community Garden has a photo featured in the current issue of Subaru’s Drive Magazine. There is a “Glorious Gardens” blurb. We are only on the On Line version, the extra readers features gallery.  Photo 10 of the 11 — however it is of a little boy at one of our raised beds and the Durable Greenbed logo is right there. 


Check out Subaru Photo 10, and the accompanying Caption:

The photo is from the Old Cloverdale Community Garden located at 1128 Woodward Avenue in the Old Cloverdale Historic District in Montgomery, AL. The property had been abandoned and overgrown for more than a decade until the Old Cloverdale Association acquired it in June 2015. Hundreds of volunteers have donated time and funds over the last years to transform this once blighted lot into a beautiful, peaceful place to grow good food and truly build community togetherness. This community garden currently has a dozen raised beds that are rented by local neighbors for growing vegetables and who all pitch in to keep up the grounds. The modest rental fees for the bed cover the monthly water bill. There are volunteer nights to keep up the central perennial beds, a tool shed filled with donated tools, and there are special evenings planned to bring the neighborhood together, all focused on community and sharing. We’ve just launched an effort to become a waystation for Monarch butterflies. There is a Little Free Library as well as a Little Free Library Kids bench with enough shade to enjoy books, nature and one another’s company. And, about a dozen of the renters and volunteers drive Subaru vehicles! It’s been great to work with our local folks at Montgomery Subaru, who also run a little community garden at their business and follow the Old Cloverdale Community Garden on social media. We invite Subaru and Drive readers to visit the Old Cloverdale Community Garden in person or check us out on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter”
. -Lara Rickles, Montgomery, AL

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