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Durable GreenBed Featured in “This Old House” !

Raised Bed Kit in This Old House
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“Until fairly recently, about the only way to get a raised bed was to buy some boards, cut them to size, and screw them together yourself. Or you could hire a mason to build one for you out of brick or stone. The only limits were your imagination and budget.

But these days, you can find a growing assortment of all-inclusive raised-bed kits with precut parts that save time, eliminate guesswork, and offer a variety of looks. They may not have the one-of-a-kind uniqueness of scratch- or pro-built beds, but they come in a wide array of striking materials—including wood, steel, composite boards, and tumbled concrete blocks—that can add a handsome accent to any landscape.”

Shown: These kit-built beds have porous, rot-proof sides made of wood chips and cement. They’re held in place by aluminum corners coated with a tough, baked-on finish and are capped with western red cedar.

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