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Starting a School Garden: Durable GreenBed is Perfect for Schools

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Durable GreenBeds have been used at dozens of schools for sustainable, durable raised gardens.


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These are the 6 key features of Durable GreenBedTM that make it a good choice for your school or community garden:

  1. Extreme Durability—–The Faswall® woodchip/cement composite that forms the Durable GreenBedTM panels was developed in Europe over 65 years ago. It is a proven way to preserve wood fiber so it lasts for decades. We have recently unearthed Faswall® panels after 25 years underground and they have minimal degradation. The rust-free aluminum brackets have a tough baked on architectural grade paint.
    This all adds up to a raised bed that will not have to be replaced for many years.
  2. Non-toxic—–There is nothing toxic in the Durable GreenBedTM panels to concern the food crop gardener. The wood top rail is finished with a plant oil based stain with natural pigmentation.
  3. Breathable—–The Durable GreenBedTM panels are permeable. Roots get needed air and beds can drain. Evidence that the oxygen exchange through the GreenBed panels contributes to greater plant vigor.
  4. Beautiful-—-The Durable GreenBedTM system creates a beautiful border that adds an attractive feature to your community garden that you don’t get from utilitarian wood boxes. It has a unique, natural look not duplicated by any other raised bed kit on the market.
  5. Quick Set-Up—–45-90 minutes to assemble (depending on size and provided the site is prepared). Kit is precut, predrilled, and prefinished for accurate, fast installation.
  6. Made in the USA——Preserving good manufacturing jobs in America.

Our 2’ high Durable GreenBedTM kits are available for your ADA garden area.

There are two options for the Community, School, and Church Garden program:

Option 1: Purchase Kits 4×8, 4×12, or 4×16 Durable GreenBed kits. 1’or 2’ high.

Option 2: Order custom beds, with panels and brackets to meet your needs:

Durable GreenBeds at the Oak Hill School:







A common request is to make the Durable GreenBeds less than 4’ wide.

  • For small children,  beds that are 3’ wide allow shorter arms to access the middle of the growing area.
  • 2.5-3’ wide beds are also often used up against a fence where you only have access from one side only.

Here are a couple of examples of what is possible:


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