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Patio Garden Beds on Concrete or Gravel? Yes!

Eco-Friendly Raised Garden Beds on Concrete Patio
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If all you have is a patio, you can still use Durable GreenBeds as patio garden beds! Grow vegetables, herbs, flowers just about anywhere. One of the remarkable things about Durable GreenBeds is that as long as the surface you’re considering putting your beds on is level, you can place these beds on any surface. Because the beds are two feet deep, they provide their own growing depth so you don’t have to have dirt underneath your beds. You also don’t have to dig down to place them.

A patio, a gravel side yard, an asphalt or concrete driveway . . . you name it, and it can become your gardening area. We’ve had commercial clients turn parking spaces into a workplace or chefs garden. We’ve had apartments transform front patios with landscaping and flowers, and we’ve had gravel right of ways turned into flourishing vegetable gardens. We’ve even been asked if the Durable GreenBeds can be placed on a Trex deck, and the answer is yes! That situation would require something on the bottom of the Durable GreenBeds to prevent the dirt from falling through the Trex decking material, but that could be accomplished with fine mesh or landscape fabric fastened to the bottom of the boxes.

Reclaim Wasted Space

Reclaim “wasted” space in your yard or driveway, without having to break concrete. Just assemble the garden bed right on top.

Then, plant in your quality raised bed soil — no need to deal with clay. You also won’t have to deal with “bad” critters like gophers or moles, and you’ll be less likely to encounter slugs along the way. Drainage should not be a problem either, as long as you are careful not to overwater.

You can actually turn any level spot into a garden with these boxes, utilizing otherwise “barren” space for your gardening enjoyment. Durable GreenBed raised garden beds are easy to assemble, and they’ll last for years — unlike wood which just doesn’t hold up.

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