Low-Level Terracing Options

Landscape Terracing with Garden Beds

Low-Level Terracing Options  Landscape Terracing with Garden Beds

Durable GreenBed panels are sturdy building blocks that are extremely useful for patio and terracing renovations. They can be used for erosion control and low-level retaining walls, and are a perfect solution to long-lasting low-level terracing.

  • Customize Your Order: Durable GreenBed kits can be custom configured to meet your specific terracing needs.
  • Light-Weight: Blocks are a manageable 28 pounds each.
  • Easy to Finish: Stucco directly onto the block or apply clapboard, shingles, cement-fiber siding, or you name it!
  • Strong & Durable: These panels are made of the same materials used to construct multi-level homes. Rest assured, these panels are strong enough for low level terracing.

When building a wall that retains any amount of soil, be sure to consult a professional and stay within your locally monitored municipal regulations.

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