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How Durable GreenBeds hold up

25 year + Durable Green Bed Kit
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No Rot Raised Beds:

To review the Durable GreenBed panel features:

  • Aesthetically beautiful material compared to wood or concrete
  • Highly resistant to rot and decay
  • Mold free
  • High thermal mass, which means no abrupt  temperature swings for the soil
  • Highly insulative for minimal energy use
  • Non-toxic, organic building materials
  • Vapor permeable, which means no abrupt humidity swings and no mold
  • Over 60 percent recycled content
  • Ideal DIY landscaping projects
  • Termite and Bug proof
  • Lasts for centuries

So how does it compare to other raised bed kits such as cedar or pressure treated raised bed kids? Its just not quality, or appearance. Its easy to put together a Durable GreenBed.

Click here to see the Cost comparison on a Durable GreenBed.

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