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Garden Bed of the Month – Greenhouse with Garden Beds

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Greenhouse with Garden Beds

Lisa and Hank, Southeastern Washington 

Lisa and Hank have six Durable GreenBeds that are 4 feet by 8 feet and 1 foot deep placed around a beautiful glass greenhouse. The couple have a greenhouse to keep their crops happy during the winter, and they wanted planting beds to go around the greenhouse that would be suitable for year-round use that would also have visual appeal.

“We wanted something that would look substantial and would visually match our greenhouse, which is a durable structure,” Lisa says. Hank’s an architect, so they didn’t want just anything, especially with their modern, all-glass clad greenhouse as a focal point. Lisa says they spent a lot of time researching options online, and when they stumbled across the Durable GreenBeds, they liked the look and the durability.

Hank liked the composite panel boards, and he liked that they were assembled with durable, attractive hardware. While researching the product, Lisa recalled seeing a video of a man standing on the Durable GreenBeds, so she knew they weren’t going to fall apart. And Hank said, “I could tell it was a substantial product.”

Hank and Lisa bought their beds in April 2020 after construction on the greenhouse was completed. Lisa was able to transplant her seedlings in June. The beautiful greenhouse allows her to overwinter plants, grow seedlings, and lettuces. Weather in their southeastern corner of Washington has four true seasons and a very hot summer — last year, summer temperatures soared to a peak of 106. Because of that, the greenhouse gets overly hot in the summer, but it’s a year-round architectural feature.

“The beds are the right size for us and the greenhouse looks really pretty with the beds,” says Lisa. “Even though they may seem a little more expensive, once you price out a durable wood like cedar, and in today’s market, it comes out to be a pretty reasonable price especially since it doesn’t have to be replaced in five years.”

So far this year, Hank and Lisa are using their greenhouse with garden beds for tomatoes, peppers, squash, green beans, and beets. See more of our Garden Beds of the Month, and send us photos of how you have arranged your durable GreenBeds!

Glass greenhouse with durable garden beds

Garden beds surround a greenhouse

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