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Durable GreenBed has a New Trim Color!

Upgrade to a durable, non-toxic, composite garden bed kit.

The New Durable GreenBed Trim Color is Called Garnet Red

Stains that are more richly pigmented, like Garnet Red, provide a few benefits to the Durable GreenBed Raised Garden Bed Kit. 

  • Richly pigmented stain provides more UV resistance. This means the wood lasts longer, requires less maintenance, and needs to be replaced less frequently. 
  • They provide a deeper, more vibrant color, due to their concentration levels, which means the color is more intense and long-lasting.
  • They offer better coverage, because high concentration levels cover the wood more effectively, resulting in a more even finish.
  • They enhance the natural beauty of the wood, by allowing the grain and texture of the wood to show through. It adds a rich, warm tone to the overall finish.
  • They are more durable. The higher concentration of pigments in rich pigmented stains means that they tend to be more resistant to fading, chipping, and other types of damage, making them ideal for the trim on the Durable GreenBed raised Garden Bed Kit 

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