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Durable GreenBed. The BEST Raised Garden Bed!

Upgrade to a durable, non-toxic, composite garden bed kit.

Environmentally Friendly

100% nontoxic made with highly recycled materials- wood chip composite.

Long Lifespan

Won't rot, crack, peel, rust or splinter. Will out perform any wood, plastic, or metal raised garden bed. 20-25 year service life.

Straightforward Installation

Assembly is straightforward needing a cordless screw gun, level, square and standard household tools

Attractive and versatile.

Multiple sizes and heights provide easy access and provide plenty of design options. Custom sizes available.

There are 10,000+ Durable GreenBed Garden Bed Installations in the USA!

Get Healthier, Higher Yields!

Breathable panels, and deep planting maximize yields for square foot gardening, and even repels snails!

Upgrade with a durable, non-toxic, composite garden bed kit.

Durable GreenBed raised bed garden kits are designed using a unique, eco-friendly, recycled woodchip/concrete composite that will last for 20-25 years or more and capable of withstanding all weather extremes – will not rot, crack, peel, rust or splinter. GreenBed raised garden bed kits are the perfect solution for a backyard garden, a permanent landscape or for large school, community or urban garden.

The only raised garden bed kits

that are non-toxic, last for

20-25 years or more and

recommended by

serious gardeners.

Why are Durable GreenBeds Better than Wood?

When you compare Durable GreenBed to other raised bed systems, we think you’ll agree they are worth the price.

Free Shipping and Discounts for Qualifying Orders

Potential Significant Discounts Depending On Location For Orders Of $4,000 or More. 

Gardening Inspiration and Tips

Durable Greenbed raised Gardenbed Kits are non-toxic, last 20-25 years for better, healthier gardening.

Our kits just make dollars and sense!

Most wood garden beds will begin to rot, crack, warp or splinter in a very short period of time and within 6 to 8 years you will need to replace them again.  Plastic beds can crack under the sun in a short period as well.  This forces you to spend money and rebuild beds rather than focus on your garden.

To get an idea of the real cost of owning a Greenbed versus a traditional wood raised bed, we need to look at cost over the lifetime of your beds.  First, there is the initial purchase cost, of course, but ownership can also bring substantial costs for installing, maintaining and replacement of your beds over time.

So durable, it's a smart investment.

We Love Community Gardens

They grow skills, ideas, friendships and, well, community!

Durable GreenBed Kits are a perfect long-term raised-bed solution.
We are so passionate about giving back we offer special discounts for community, church, and school gardens, and other non-profits as well as Senior facilities.

Here at Durable GreenBeds, we could not be more pleased that the use of our sustainable raised garden beds is bearing fruit and veggies for so many worthy organizations, while providing a sense of community and connection to the environment.

Are you a professional landscaper?

Durable GreenBeds are an attractive, cost-effective alternative to traditional retaining walls and planters.

Spec the Highest Quality Raised Garden Beds


Made from rot resistant materials, planters can be partially buried. Perfect for hillside installations.


Many sizes and configurations available including our two-tier planters.


Don't see the configuration you're looking for? We can make custom sizes and shapes. Just call for a custom quote.

Save on Labor

Easy to install, pre drilled, ready to assemble with standard tools.

Attractive top trim

We realize that many people like to sit on the edge of our beds. This wider trim makes for more comfortable seating and a more polished look in landscapes.


Discounts for the professional landscapers too!