Spec the Highest Quality Raised Garden Bed Kits

 Easy Installation, Proven Durability

Durable Raised Garden Bed Kit

Stunning Results with Half the Effort

Great for: Raised Garden Beds, Raised Vegetable Gardens,
Walkway planters,  Edible Gardens, Flower Features and more.

A Landscape Solution for Raised Garden Beds

Your clients want:

  • Edible Vegetable Gardens
  • Chef Gardens
  • Raised Planters for tenant use
  • Flower Gardens in patio areas

Durable GreenBeds Raised Bed Kits are made of Faswall®, a woodchip/cement composite with numerous benefits over traditional wood garden beds.

Features your customers want. And priced for your success.

  • Material Lasts For Decades  (passed the ASTM C-666 300 cycle freeze-thaw test without cracking and breaking down)
  • Non-toxic, Attractive, and Breathes Like Soil
  • Recycled Wood Chip and Cement Composite - A Durable, Green Alternative
  • Kits Come Pre-cut and Ready To Assemble (sizes + custom order info below)
  • All Fasteners Included and All Holes Accurately Predrilled
  • Save Hundreds of Dollars on Labor

Perfect for Public Spaces, Apartments and Community Gardens

Don't just take our word for it, Order your Sample Kit Today!

Order your Sample Kit Today!

Client Ready - Take it to your next design or proposal meeting:

Your sample pack includes:

  • A sample of Durable GreenBeds' non-toxic woodchip/cement composite material
  • A cedar stained trim sample
  • Informational literature, sizing and pricing

Raised Bed Composite Sample Kit

Durable GreenBed Raised Garden Bed Kits are
Perfect for Professional Landscapers.

Raised garden beds that look good, are affordable, last for decades, are non-toxic, and are eco-friendly!

Use in Many Locations:

Better than Wood or Plastic:

The go-to material for garden beds has long been wood, which can be very attractive but it just doesn’t last. Pressure treated wood is suspect for chemical leaching into the soil. To combat leeching, some companies are lining the beds to make them impervious, running the risk of harboring harmful mildews.

Durable GreenBed solves all those challenges.  Non-Toxic, Non-Warping, Durable.

Easy to Install, Save on Labor

Durable GreenBed allows you to charge reasonably, enjoy a higher margin, and give your client a product that will last, is non-toxic, and is beautiful. Most kits assemble in 90 minutes or less, so your landscaping crew can move on to the next job.

Custom layouts are available, including:

  • Height:  1 foot or 2 foot tall panels
  • Width:  Standard Panel is 4 feet long. Beds can be shaped with standard panels, or you or we can cut to your specs.
  • Rectangular, Square, Tiered,  L-shaped, or U-shaped designs all available
  • Custom kits to your plans - just call.

Standard Kits are 4'x4', 4'x8', 4'x12', 4'x16' and now 8'x8'

Aluminum corner and joiner brackets allow complete design freedom for your creative layouts.

Panels cut easily with a circular saw or table saw. No special equipment needed.

Use the stained trim that ships standard, or you can outfit the top of the finished beds with your own trim system. We use top grade, tight knot western red cedar finished with a bio-based (citrus oil) stain.

You will not find a more attractive, more durable raised bed garden kit than Durable GreenBed! It is an American made, high quality design, engineered to last 25 years or more. Complete Durable GreenBed kits are ready to install, with panels, brackets, stakes, fasteners and a prefinished, predrilled cedar rail trim kit. We will also work with you on custom sizes. Please call us to discuss.

Landscape Architects and Contractors LOVE the look, ease, and longevity of Durable GreenBeds.

Order your  Professional Sample Kit now (client ready)


Better than Wood Garden Beds

Ideal for Campuses, Apartments, Senior Living

Senior Center Garden Beds Accessible Senior Center Gardens


Custom Options

Custom Layouts,
Including Design Assistance

Stain Almost Any Color!


Volume Discounts

Free Shipping for Landscape Professionals




Order Sample Kit

Incl: Sample Panel, Trim, Price List

Unique, patented,
Woodchip Cement material.
25yr + life

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Contractors Dream:
Easy to Assemble, Place on Any Surface

Place on any leveled surface

Landscape Architects and Contractors LOVE the look, ease of assembly and longevity of Durable GreenBeds

Raised Garden Beds are a TOP Requested Feature for Campuses and Residences

Research shows that community wellness and satisfaction are improved with on-site gardens.

Durable GreenBeds are accessible, and meet design, maintenance and longevity criteria.

And, the really good news? You become the hero, creating a low cost, high value campus feature.