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Camas de jardín elevadas recicladas

Made from recycled woodchips and designed to be eco-friendly

Why Choose Our Recycled Raised Garden Beds?

Eco-Friendly Raised Garden Beds

Embrace a Greener Tomorrow

First and foremost, using recycled materials is inevitably more sustainable than using materials that are created from scratch. Durable GreenBed is made  from the same materials as Faswall Blocks. This means that Durable Green Beds are made of 60% recycled materials. Help us build a more sustainable future with these eco-friendly options.

Durability Unleashed

The Best Material for Raised Garden Beds

Experience gardening without limits. Our recycled raised beds redefine durability, making them the best material for raised garden beds. Amazingly, these recycled wood and cement blocks are truly the premier materials for raised garden beds. We expect Durable GreenBeds to last for 20-25 years. Invest in longevity and strength.

Green and Gorgeous Garden Beds

A Garden bed To be Proud of

Our recycled raised garden beds close the loop on waste while standing out as a luxurious and aesthetic option. Complete your garden with clean beds and crisp lines. Take advantage of our two trim options – Cedar and TimberTech – among with our extensive color choice.

Pioneers in recycled raised garden beds

We Are Durable GreenBed

Durable GreenBeds is a pioneer in the recycled raised garden bed industry. Since 2010, we have been creating sustainable, durable and really good looking garden beds. Our mission is to make a positive impact every time people buy raised garden beds. The panels of durable GreenBeds are made of 85% mineralized wood chips from recycled wood and 15% Portland cement /slag cement binder; that's all. It's all-natural Talk about how there are cedar trim options that focus more on Cedar than TimberTech. Our top of the line garden beds provide a sustainable, durable and beautiful addition for all active gardeners. Our product is designed to fit seamlessly into any garden while delivering a low maintenance, long lasting option.
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Features of Durable GreenBeds' Recycled Raised Garden Beds

We specifically choose sustainable materials that unlock versatility. Easily customize your gardening space with our composite raised garden bed kit. Versatility meets sustainability, creating a unique space that aligns with your vision.

Our recycled raised garden beds are guaranteed to be non-toxic. Our blocks, trim and joiners are built with your garden’s well-being in mind, these beds redefine the standards of eco-friendly gardening. Our garden beds are guaranteed to have a 20-25 year life span.

Durable GreenBeds are proudly manufactured in the United States. This fact is extremely important to us as it supports local production and reduces our overall carbon footprint.

Beneficios de usar canteros elevados de compuestos reciclados

Son porosos y se drenan con facilidad, lo que los convierte en los lechos de jardín más fáciles de mantener, además de ser respetuosos con el medio ambiente y extremadamente duraderos.

Son increíblemente simples de instalar y diseñar específicamente para satisfacer sus necesidades.

Nuestras camas de jardín facilitan la jardinería y dejan un impacto significativamente menor en el medio ambiente.

What makes Recycled Raised Garden Beds a preferred choice?

Sustainable Raised Garden Beds: A Choice for Generations

Why settle for less when you can choose sustainable raised garden beds? Navigate towards a future where your garden flourishes, and the planet thrives, one responsible choice at a time.

Eco-Friendly Gardening Lifestyle: Explore Our Range Today

Embark on a journey towards an eco-friendly gardening lifestyle. Explore our range of recycled raised garden beds and discover the joy of nurturing both your garden and the environment.

Explore Our Eco-Friendly Garden Solutions

Ready to make a difference? Click "Shop Now" and explore our eco-friendly garden solutions. Transform your garden into a flowering haven of sustainability with Durable GreenBeds.

Reciclado es igual a una cama verde duradera

Nuestros productos están específicamente diseñados para durar 20-25 años. Además, estos productos totalmente reciclados son capaces de resistir la putrefacción, el daño UV y la prueba del tiempo. Nunca verá que nuestro producto se agriete o comience a ceder con el peso. Ellos son poroso y drena fácilmente – haciéndolos los más fácil macizos de jardín para mantener mientras se mantiene respetuoso con el medio ambiente y extremadamente duradero.

Save Money with a Personalized Discount!

Custom discounts are available on qualifying orders of $4,000 or more. Save money by ordering multiple Durable GreenBed raised garden bed kits. Elevate your garden with a personalized discount crafted just for you.