Garden Bed of the Month — Durable Garden Beds That Also Look Nice

July 8, 2021

In early 2020, Guy and his wife, Kristen, purchased two 10x10x2 Durable GreenBeds in a U-shape. Kristen says she wanted to order more, but there just wasn’t enough room in their Hood River, Oregon, garden, surrounded by tall trees in a woodsy mountain setting. Kristen discovered Durable GreenBeds while searching online. Guy says they were …

Bringing Raised Garden Beds to a Senior Residence in Pennsylvania

June 4, 2021

Health and Wellness thru on-site gardening Gardeners everywhere have heard about the physical and mental health benefits of gardening, and for seniors, those rewards are even more important. Research shows that gardening relieves stress, increases serotonin levels, boosts the immune system, is good exercise, and may lower the risk of dementia. In fact, just being …

GardenBed of the Month – Hugelkulture Beds For Quality Soil

May 27, 2021
Raised Garden Bed Soil, HugelKulture

Hugelkulture Beds for quality soil, and a Greenhouse Brian Patton, Auburn, Washington Brian Patton’s garden in Auburn, Washington, southwest of Seattle, is a gardening success story. This is the third growing season for his new Durable GreenBed Raised Garden beds, which he filled with a hugelkulture mix of woody debris rather than just topsoil. Patton purchased …

Garden Bed of the Month – Greenhouse with Garden Beds

March 17, 2021

Greenhouse with Garden Beds Lisa and Hank, Southeastern Washington  Lisa and Hank have six Durable GreenBeds that are 4 feet by 8 feet and 1 foot deep placed around a beautiful glass greenhouse. The couple have a greenhouse to keep their crops happy during the winter, and they wanted planting beds to go around the …

Create Rich Soil With Hugelkulture For Raised Beds

March 2, 2021

Whether you spell it hugel culture, hügelkulture, or hugelkultur, it’s pronounced hyoo-gul-culture. It’s a German word that means “hill culture” or “mound culture.” Germanic areas have practiced this method of creating rich soil for hundreds of years. You will typically see hugelkuture beds created from mounds of debris such as small branches or larger pieces …

Edible Chef’s Garden Bed Builder LOVES Durable Green Bed

November 23, 2020

It’s safe to say that Urban Dirt Co. is Durable Green Bed’s No. 1 fan. And we certainly are fans of Urban Dirt Co., because she puts edible chef’s garden beds filled with delicious food in many places where they should belong.  but often aren’t: public spaces, corporate campuses, schools, hotels, restaurant culinary gardens, and …

Garden Bed of the Month – May Community Garden

May 12, 2020
Arizona Community Garden Bed

Desert Meadows Park in Arizona: Community Garden Plots   Raised beds for community garden plots: Arizona Cooperative garden grows food in the desert with Durable GreenBeds The heart of the park is a fenced-in garden area with dozens of raised irrigated plots where members of the Green Valley Gardeners grow colorful plants, including vegetables, many of …

Starting a School Garden: Durable GreenBed is Perfect for Schools

April 21, 2020

Durable GreenBeds have been used at dozens of schools for sustainable, durable raised gardens.   Contact us to get a quote, and see if you qualify for our Non-profit community garden discount.  These are the 6 key features of Durable GreenBedTM that make it a good choice for your school or community garden: Extreme Durability—–The …

Garden of the Month – February Chef Garden

March 3, 2020
Culinary Raised Garden Urban Dirt Garden

Chef Garden Beds, Culinary Garden Used by the LC Kitchen restaurant with executive chef Vijay Sadhu. Chef Garden Beds painted  Durable greenbeds at Regent Properties in Dallas, Texas, to match the campus color scheme. They are located at Legacy Central Corporate Campus in Plano, Texas home of Samsung.  -Urban Dirt Company designs, builds, and maintains …

Square Foot Gardening – What is it?

February 28, 2020
Square Foot Gardening in DurableGreenBed

More Food, Less Space Square Foot Gardening is an exciting new way to grow more food in small spaces, not only for the average gardener but to also improve health, ergonomics, space use, and even food security among populations in need around the world. The benefits of square foot gardening For the backyard gardener, or …

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