Old CloverDale Community Garden Beds in Subaru Magazine

May 8, 2019
Old Cloverdale Community Garden

We got this lovely note from Lois at Old CloverDale Community Garden: They’re in the process of expanding and buying a second set of raised garden beds for their community garden. A photo of their garden with Durable GreenBed Raised beds made it into the Subaru magazine. Hi, — (business info removed)Also, the Old Cloverdale […]

Durable GreenBed Featured in “This Old House” !

April 23, 2019
Raised Bed Kit in This Old House

USE A Raised Garden Bed KIT! “Until fairly recently, about the only way to get a raised bed was to buy some boards, cut them to size, and screw them together yourself. Or you could hire a mason to build one for you out of brick or stone. The only limits were your imagination and […]

Soil for Raised Garden Beds: What Do You Need to Know?

January 8, 2019

People who buy our Durable GreenBed raised garden bed kits often ask what type of soil they should use to fill their new beds. Here’s the advice we typically share. Once you’ve considered that, read on for some bonus tips we share with customers on how to decrease the amount of soil you need and […]

Non-Toxic Green, Sustainable Raised Bed Garden Kit

August 30, 2018
Non-Toxic Raised Garden Bed, Sustainable

What is Durable Greenbed?  Composite Raised Garden Beds In short: Made with nothing but 85% mineralized wood and 15% cement, Durable GreenBeds  (based on the the Faswall® green building system) is among the most environment-friendly and healthy building materials available. Non- Toxic Woodchip Mineralization The main component of the GreenBed is a unique material called Faswall, a […]

Adaptive Gardening in Raised Beds Makes Growing Accessible To All

January 8, 2017
Senior Center Garden Beds

The benefits of organic gardening are numerous. People who grow their own fruits, vegetables and flowers at home have better access to healthy food, get exercise and fresh air, and often find it lowers their stress level. But gardening can be a difficult task for people with injuries or mobility limitations. Working in a yard […]

Low-Level Terracing Options

November 7, 2016
Landscape Terracing with Garden Beds

Low-Level Terracing Options  Durable GreenBed panels are sturdy building blocks that are extremely useful for patio and terracing renovations. They can be used for erosion control and low-level retaining walls, and are a perfect solution to long-lasting low-level terracing. Customize Your Order: Durable GreenBed kits can be custom configured to meet your specific terracing needs. […]

Top Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

May 12, 2016
Raised Bed Kit Benefits

Top  Benefits to Durable Green Bed Raised Garden Beds Good Aeration – Your plant’s roots need to be able to breathe. When your soil is too compacted, the roots do not get the proper air circulation which will not allow them develop properly. Aeration is necessary for the roots to be able to absorb essential […]

How Durable GreenBeds hold up

November 7, 2013
25 year + Durable Green Bed Kit

No Rot Raised Beds: To review the Durable GreenBed panel features: Aesthetically beautiful material compared to wood or concrete Highly resistant to rot and decay Mold free High thermal mass, which means no abrupt  temperature swings for the soil Highly insulative for minimal energy use Non-toxic, organic building materials Vapor permeable, which means no abrupt […]

Municipal Raised Garden Bed Applications

November 7, 2013
non toxic raised garden bed kit

Municipal Landscape Garden Bed Applications When it comes to landscaping for public spaces that are built to last (i.e. government or municipal buildings, malls, commercial buildings), Durable GreenBed accenting and landscaping produces long lasting accompaniments for any special outdoor space. Top features for Municipal Applications: – Easy to configure unique patterns and layouts – Highly […]

New Home Construction

November 7, 2013

New Home Construction The same materials used for Durable GreenBeds are also used as building materials for innovative builders who want simpler, greener, healthier, better buildings that will last for generations. With a 25-year track record, Faswall insulated wood chip-cement wall forms are for experts and do-it-yourself builders alike. The organic building materials are simpler, more sustainable, […]

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