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About Our New TimberTech Trim

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Introducing Our Newest Trim Options Featuring an Increased Lifespan and More Color Options 

Hey there, Landscape Professionals and Serious Gardeners! We’ve got some good news that’s going to make a great product even better.  Durable GreenBeds, your trusted source for eco-friendly, high-quality raised garden beds, has joined forces with TimberTech®, the wizards of advanced PVC decking and outdoor materials.  With their outstanding material technology, we are now bringing you a raised bed garden design that is simply the best solution on the market.

Durable GreenBeds™ and TimberTech®. We’ve teamed up to create something extraordinary for your backyard, municipality, housing development, community garden, school, church or other organizations.  

Our New Superstar: TimberTech® Trim

Please welcome to the stage the one and only TimberTech® Trim. This new trim is significantly longer lasting and extremely low maintenance compared with our standard, but also excellent, cedar trim option.  From a maintenance and longevity point of view – look at our standard western red cedar trim as an excellent choice and our new TimberTech trim option as the best choice.  

TimberTech® Trim Highlights:

  • Unstoppable Durability: TimberTech® Trim is engineered to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way. It’s perfect for our raised garden beds, adding an extra layer of toughness to our already long-lasting beds.
  • Thoughtful PVC Technology: Crafted using TimberTech®’s cutting-edge PVC technology, WeatherTech® Trim boasts  a stylish low-gloss, wire-brushed finish. It’s like having a piece of exotic hardwood like ipe, mahogany, or teak in your garden. Talk about a touch of class!
  • Safety First, Always: Safety is a top priority. TimberTech® Trim has been through the wringer with rigorous testing and proudly sports a Class A Flame Spread Rating. It’s the top choice for fire zones and complies with Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) standards. Your garden’s in good hands.
  • Committed to the Earth: Sustainability is at the core of our mission.  One of the cornerstones of sustainability is intense durability.  TimberTech® ‘s PVC Trim has amazing longevity.   TimberTech®  also has in place an organized recycling program to take back cutoffs and end of life deck and trim boards. This ensures no scrapes are wasted as they are recycled into brand new product.

Join the Garden Party!

Thomas Van Denend, the head guy at Durable GreenBeds, has been taking these incredible trim options on tour with a fantastic reception at the recently held Landscaper Expo in Anaheim, CA.  He had one of the busiest booths at the show with some participants commenting it was one of the best products at the Expo. Get up close and personal with TimberTech® Trim and our raised garden bed kits. Contact us for a sample kit to touch and feel this remarkable raised planter solution. 

“We’re quite confident that our partnership with TimberTech® and the introduction of TimberTech® Trim will give our raised garden beds a fantastic boost. I believe that it is the best looking non wood trim option on the market. The color options are excellent earth tone colors and the texture surface is natural and beautiful. We also applaud TimberTech’s commitment to a high recycled PVC content and their recycling program for their dealers and suppliers!” says Thomas Van Denend, CEO of Durable GreenBeds.

Use of Raised Planters and Garden Beds keep growing!

Ready to learn more? For all the details about Durable GreenBeds and our TimberTech® Trim options – give our team a shout at [].

More about Durable GreenBed

We’re experts in natural home building with our woodcrete block called Faswall (  From our block business we developed woodcrete panels for the raised bed garden market in 2010.  We care about our planet and want to make a difference. Durable GreenBeds are your go-to for eco-friendly, non-toxic composite garden bed kits. Made from recycled wood chip composite, our beds are designed to last 20-25 years and look good for many years.  They are tough enough to resist rot, cracks, peeling, rust, and splinters.

With over 10,000 installations across the USA, our raised garden bed kits are considered by many to be the best, most innovative raised bed kit on the market.  And now with the TimberTech® trim we are in the ultra low maintenance category further reducing your time and overhead costs.  Durable GreenBed kits are perfect for backyard gardens, schools, communities, and urban spaces.  Discounting available on the larger commercial and homeowner projects along with free shipping. 

So, join us on our mission to create the highest quality and eco-friendliest raised garden beds out there. Keep tabs on our gardening adventures by visiting our website and signing up for our email list!

Happy gardening, passionate colleagues! The future of raised garden beds is looking brighter than ever!

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